Hi there, we are Smart!

No, we have nothing to do with the car manufacturer, we make toys. For more than 25 years now Smart has been committed to create inspirational & educational toys.

We love what we do and are proud to present you our 3 brands:


SmartGames are multi-level logic games. Each game has a unique and innovative game mechanic with themes that appeal to both boys and girls. They come in travel, compact and table top editions in plastic or a premium wood range.


Geosmart is a magnetic construction toy suitable for children from 5 years old.


SmartMax are colourful and safe magnetic construction toys for young children.

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SmartMax: My First Safari Animals
My First Safari Animals is an 18-piece SmartMax set that enables kids to create six animals. The l..
SmartMax: My First Sounds & Senses
Toddlers (1-3 years) can safely discover the magic of magnetism with the SMARTMAX “My First” colle..
SmartMax: My First Tractor
SmartMax My First Tractor Set is designed for kids ages 18 months - 5 years, offering a safe and f..
SmartMax: My First Vehicles
Young children (12+ months) can safely discover the magic of magnetism with the SMARTMAX “My First..
SmartMax: Power Vehicles Mix
SmartMax Power Vehicles set is designed for children ages 3 years and above, offering safe, fun an..
SmartMax: Start 23 Pcs
Have fun building incredible structures with SmartMax! The new Start set is a great introduction t..