Goo Goo Baby: Bugs Potty Sticker

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Tinkle Time Reusable Potty Training Stickers utilize a positive, instant reward system to assist parents and caregivers in quickly and effortlessly training a child to use the potty.

How they work:
Place a Tinkle Time sticker at the bottom of the potty bowl
When your child urinates on the sticker, the white coating magically becomes transparent revealing a fun Tinkle Time image
The child receives an instant reward for going to the potty that positively reinforces their efforts
After the potty is gently cleaned, the sticker will return to white as it dries, ready to use again and again
Make a game of it and your little one will want to play!
Tinkle Time Reusable Potty Training Stickers are very easy to use, and each sticker will last up to 4 months. You receive three stickers per package, and we offer four different themes – Bugs, Jungle Animals, Sea Creatures and new for 2009, Canadian Critters.

What sets us apart from other color changing potty stickers? Even a small amount of urine on the Tinkle Time sticker will change the color, giving this product 100% reliability for a reward every time they tinkle!

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