Pen Pal Whizz

Introducing Pen-Pal Whizz, an educational product which seeks to enhance learning and interaction in children.

Pen Pal whizz is the perfect blend of digital technology and traditional learning method, transforming conventional printed materials into interactive tools that can emit responsive voices or sounds of any languages. This greatly enhances the readability and enjoyment of the reading materials.

Pen Pal Whizz is a unique education tool that not only recites written text, it also enable dialogue by the characters, gives clues to play game on the pages etc. When a child uses Pen Pal to tap on the book, the pre-loaded audio file is activated and spoken by the pre-recorded voice inside. These arouse curiosity of the child, enabling a new learning experience through sense of touch, sight, hearing and cognitive thinking.

  1. Pen-Pal provides an additional dimension to the traditional book reading. Besides the tactile sensory of holding a physical book, the child is also able to engage in visual and audio learning.
  2. If unsure of interpretation, user is able to re-affirm his understanding by tapping on characters and illustrations in the book to interact with it.
  3. With just the pen and books, Learning can happen anywhere and anytime.
  4. Individual and group learning is possible
  5. Pen can be customized to read any book in any languages.
  6. Users are able to learn at their own pace, repeating the content whenever they like
  7. With additional audio element, children are less likely to be distracted by other external factors.
  8. Embedded games within the books will keep user engaged while reading.

Why Pen-Pal?

Substantial studies have been done and have proven that multimodal learning, as compared to unimodal learn, allows one to learn more effectively.

From a young age, children are exposed to beautifully illustrated books and encouraged to explore the pictures. With companionship of an adult who reads to the child, the child is further intrigued and starts to ask questions.

With Pen-pal, the child is able to engage on such exploration even without the supervision of an adult. Together, visual and verbal learning can result in a enhanced basic and higher-order learning.


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Introducing Pen-Pal Whizz, an educational product which seeks to enhance learning and interaction in..
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