Everyone dreams of building their own house at some point in time. Brickadoo gives you the chance to start the process at a very early age and allows you to carry on building to your heart’s content. You build using real building materials, bricks, cement, and wooden windows and doors. Brickadoo is suitable for all ages and the building blocks can be used again and again because the cement dissolves quickly in water. Brickadoo results in lots and lots of building pleasure.


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Brickadoo: Castle - Big box
A genuine castle composed of a drawbridge, a tower and a round battlement. Each Brickadoo building k..
Brickadoo: Farm House - Large
On the farm you will find a living house and also a separate stable and feed silo. The farm has a fe..
Brickadoo: French Street
In this street two different houses with characteristic shutters are built next to each other. The b..
Brickadoo: German House - Medium
One of the classics from the Brickadoo series. Besides a first floor the house also has a side with ..
Brickadoo: House
The small house has a beautiful facade. Each Brickadoo building kit contains everything you need to ..
Brickadoo: School/ Church - Medium
The church or school building has a porch and a tower containing a clock. Each Brickadoo building ki..
Brickadoo: Villa - Big box
The Brickadoo-Villa has a front porch and a dormer on the first floor. Each Brickadoo building kit c..